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1 Political Demonstrations and Protests'Abd al-'Azīz Ibn Bāz2 pgs.
2 Where Are the Hands Placed after Bowing in Prayer?'Abd al-'Azīz Ibn Bāz20 pgs.
3 What is Placed First When Prostrating: Hands or Knees?'Abd al-'Azīz Ibn Bāz5 pgs.
4 A Comparison between Those Obsessed with Takfīr and Bombings and Those Who Call for Peace and Well-Being'Abd al-Muhsin al-'Abbād5 pgs.
5 Praying for the Absolute Destruction of Non-Muslims'Abd al-Muhsin Āli-'Ubaykān1 pg.
6 Suicidal Acts of “Martyrdom”'Abd al-Muhsin Āli-'Ubaykān2 pgs.
7 Fasting in RamadanAuthentic-Translations.com9 pgs.
8 Fasting in Ramadan (for younger readers)Authentic-Translations.com10 pgs.
9 Happiness, Misery, and Signs of Their PeopleIbn Qayyim Al-Jawziyyah2 pgs.
10 Three Ways to ForgivenessIbn Rajab al-Hanbalī21 pgs.
11 ...As If You Were a StrangerIbn Rajab al-Hanbalī14 pgs.
12 Relieving a Believers HardshipsIbn Rajab al-Hanbalī43 pgs.
13 Know Allah in ProsperityIbn Rajab al-Hanbalī7 pgs.
14 Between Fear and HopeImam al-Nawawī71 pgs.
15 Explaining the Du’ā of Qunūt in the Witr PrayerMuhammad Ibn Sālih al-'Uthaymīn33 pgs.
16 Praying for the Absolute Destruction of Non-MuslimsMuhammad Ibn Sālih al-'Uthaymīn2 pgs.
17 Praying while TravelingMuhammad Ibn Sālih al-'Uthaymīn3 pgs.
18 Explaining Tawhīd (for younger readers)Muhammad Ibn Sālih al-'Uthaymīn21 pgs.
19 Being Too Lenient about Combining PrayersMuhammad Ibn Sālih al-'Uthaymīn3 pgs.
20 Explaining Sūrah al-FātihahMuhammad Ibn Sālih al-'Uthaymīn35 pgs.
21 Translating the QuranMuhammad Ibn Sālih al-'Uthaymīn3 pgs.
22 Explaining Some Benefits of Fasting in RamadanMuhammad Ibn Sālih al-'Uthaymīn9 pgs.
23 Explaining Sūrah al-NabaMuhammad Ibn Sālih al-'Uthaymīn35 pgs.
24 Explaining Sūrah al-Nāzi’ātMuhammad Ibn Sālih al-'Uthaymīn68 pgs.
25 The ResurrectionMuhammad Ibn Sālih al-'Uthaymīn116 pgs.
26 Explaining the Most Honorable Prayer for ForgivenessMuhammad Ibn Sālih al-'Uthaymīn7 pgs.
27 The Best Prayer for Forgiveness (for younger readers)Muhammad Ibn Sālih al-'Uthaymīn7 pgs.
28 Explaining Sūrah al-TakwīrMuhammad Ibn Sālih al-'Uthaymīn45 pgs.
29 Explaining Sūrah al-InshiqāqMuhammad Ibn Sālih al-'Uthaymīn41 pgs.
30 Life After DeathMuhammad Ibn Sālih al-'Uthaymīn70 pgs.
31 Explaining Sūrah al-InfitārMuhammad Ibn Sālih al-'Uthaymīn18 pgs.
32 Explaining Sūrah al-TakāthurMuhammad Ibn Sālih al-'Uthaymīn15 pgs.
33 The Tarāwīh PrayerMuhammad Ibn Sālih al-'Uthaymīn4 pgs.
34 Explaining Shirk: The Greatest SinMuhammad Ibn Sālih al-'Uthaymīn, Sālih al-Fawzān, Authentic-Translations.com25 pgs.
35 The Believer and Disbeliever at the Time of DeathMuhammad Nāsir al-Dīn al-Albānī14 pgs.
36 Are the Khawārij Sincere in Worship?Rabī' Ibn Hādī al-Madkhalī2 pgs.
37 Praying for the Absolute Destruction of Non-MuslimsSālih al-Fawzān1 pg.
38 Suicide BombingsSālih al-Fawzān2 pgs.
39 Praying for the Absolute Destruction of Jews and ChristiansSālih Āli-Shaykh3 pgs.