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1 Explaining an Incredible Hadīth of ‘Ubādah Ibn as-Sāmit‘Abdur-Rahmān Ibn Hasan Āli-Shaykh30 pgs.
2 Fearing Others Besides Allah‘Abdur-Rahmān Ibn Hasan Āli-Shaykh17 pgs.
3 Disobeying the Rulers and Abandoning the Scholars'Abd al-'Azīz Āli-Shaykh3 pgs.
4 Political Demonstrations'Abd al-'Azīz al-Rājihī1 pg.
5 Suicidal Acts of "Martyrdom"'Abd al-'Azīz al-Rājihī1 pg.
6 Political Demonstrations and Protests'Abd al-'Azīz Ibn Bāz2 pgs.
7 Harming Non-Muslims Residing in Muslim Lands'Abd al-'Azīz Ibn Bāz2 pgs.
8 Hijackings, Kidnappings, and Bombings'Abd al-'Azīz Ibn Bāz1 pg.
9 Obeying Governments and Authorities'Abd al-'Azīz Ibn Bāz2 pgs.
10 Ibn Bāz on Terrorism and Related Issues'Abd al-'Azīz Ibn Bāz8 pgs.
11 Where Are the Hands Placed after Bowing in Prayer?'Abd al-'Azīz Ibn Bāz20 pgs.
12 What is Placed First When Prostrating: Hands or Knees?'Abd al-'Azīz Ibn Bāz5 pgs.
13 Abd al-Azīz Ibn Bāz on the 1995 Riyadh Bombings'Abd al-'Azīz Ibn Bāz2 pgs.
14 Abd al-Azīz Ibn Bāz on Suicide-Bombings'Abd al-'Azīz Ibn Bāz2 pgs.
15 Hostility towards Non-Muslims'Abd al-'Azīz Ibn Bāz1 pg.
16 Purchasing Products Manufactured by Non-Muslims'Abd al-'Azīz Ibn Bāz1 pg.
17 Scholarly Rulings on Cosmetics'Abd al-'Azīz Ibn Bāz, Muhammad Ibn Sālih al-'Uthaymīn, Saudi Arabia’s Permanent Council of Senior Scholars35 pgs.
18 Ways the Misguided Youth Bent on Takfīr and Bombings Contradict Islaam'Abd al-Muhsin al-'Abbād9 pgs.
19 A Comparison between Those Obsessed with Takfīr and Bombings and Those Who Call for Peace and Well-Being'Abd al-Muhsin al-'Abbād5 pgs.
20 Harming Muslim Security and Police Officers'Abd al-Muhsin Āli-'Ubaykān1 pg.
21 Praying for the Absolute Destruction of Non-Muslims'Abd al-Muhsin Āli-'Ubaykān1 pg.
22 Suicidal Acts of “Martyrdom”'Abd al-Muhsin Āli-'Ubaykān2 pgs.
23 Causes for the Revival of Modern-Day Khawārij Ideology'Abd al-Muhsin Āli-'Ubaykān6 pgs.
24 The Necessity of Teaching Our Children to Despise Terrorism and the TerroristsAbū ‘Umar al-‘Utaybī4 pgs.
25 It’s Not the Salafis Guilty of Terrorist ActsAhmad al-Najmī7 pgs.
26 Bombings and Destruction: What are the Causes?Ahmad al-Najmī4 pgs.
27 Extremism in Bloodshed'Alī Ibn Yahya al-Haddādī5 pgs.
28 The Forbiddance and Danger of Extremism'Alī Ibn Yahya al-Haddādī11 pgs.
29 Fasting in RamadanAuthentic-Translations.com9 pgs.
30 Fasting in Ramadan (for younger readers)Authentic-Translations.com10 pgs.
31 Thinking Good About AllahIbn Hajr al-'Asqalānī, al-Nawawī, al-Manāwī12 pgs.
32 Your Share of AdulteryIbn Hajr al-'Asqalānī, Imām al-Nawawī, Muhammad Ibn Sālih al-'Uthaymīn17 pgs.
33 The Virtues of the Truthful – Abu BakrIbn Qayyim Al-Jawziyyah8 pgs.
34 Happiness, Misery, and Signs of Their PeopleIbn Qayyim Al-Jawziyyah2 pgs.
35 Three Ways to ForgivenessIbn Rajab al-Hanbalī21 pgs.
36 ...As If You Were a StrangerIbn Rajab al-Hanbalī14 pgs.
37 Relieving a Believers HardshipsIbn Rajab al-Hanbalī43 pgs.
38 The Forbiddance of OppressionIbn Rajab al-Hanbalī43 pgs.
39 Know Allah in ProsperityIbn Rajab al-Hanbalī7 pgs.
40 Allah Has Prepared Paradise for His BelieversImam al-Nawawī26 pgs.
41 Between Fear and HopeImam al-Nawawī71 pgs.
42 A Literal Explanation of a Hadīth: Religious ModerationMuhammad Ibn ‘Umar Bāzmūl3 pgs.
43 Explaining the Du’ā of Qunūt in the Witr PrayerMuhammad Ibn Sālih al-'Uthaymīn33 pgs.
44 Becoming Angry when Hardships Occur?Muhammad Ibn Sālih al-'Uthaymīn3 pgs.
45 Boycotting Products Manufactured by Non-MuslimsMuhammad Ibn Sālih al-'Uthaymīn1 pg.
46 Political Demonstrations and ProtestsMuhammad Ibn Sālih al-'Uthaymīn2 pgs.
47 Obeying Governments and AuthoritiesMuhammad Ibn Sālih al-'Uthaymīn3 pgs.
48 Praying for the Absolute Destruction of Non-MuslimsMuhammad Ibn Sālih al-'Uthaymīn2 pgs.
49 Praying while TravelingMuhammad Ibn Sālih al-'Uthaymīn3 pgs.
50 The Saudi Arabian GovernmentMuhammad Ibn Sālih al-'Uthaymīn2 pgs.
51 Concise Biographies of the Famous Hadeeth ScholarsMuhammad Ibn Sālih al-'Uthaymīn8 pgs.
52 Explaining Tawhīd (for younger readers)Muhammad Ibn Sālih al-'Uthaymīn21 pgs.
53 Ibn al-Uthaymīn on Terrorism and Related IssuesMuhammad Ibn Sālih al-'Uthaymīn26 pgs.
54 Being Too Lenient about Combining PrayersMuhammad Ibn Sālih al-'Uthaymīn3 pgs.
55 In the Company of Allah: Confirming Allah is with His CreationMuhammad Ibn Sālih al-'Uthaymīn58 pgs.
56 Explaining Sūrah al-FātihahMuhammad Ibn Sālih al-'Uthaymīn35 pgs.
57 Translating the QuranMuhammad Ibn Sālih al-'Uthaymīn3 pgs.
58 Ibn al-Uthaymīn on the 1996 Khobar BombingMuhammad Ibn Sālih al-'Uthaymīn9 pgs.
59 Ibn al-Uthaymīn on the Bombings of Riyadh (1995) & Khobar (1996)Muhammad Ibn Sālih al-'Uthaymīn4 pgs.
60 Ibn al-Uthaymīn on Suicide-BombingsMuhammad Ibn Sālih al-'Uthaymīn2 pgs.
61 Understanding the Texts of ThreatsMuhammad Ibn Sālih al-'Uthaymīn3 pgs.
62 Explaining Some Benefits of Fasting in RamadanMuhammad Ibn Sālih al-'Uthaymīn9 pgs.
63 Explaining Sūrah al-NabaMuhammad Ibn Sālih al-'Uthaymīn35 pgs.
64 Explaining Sūrah al-Nāzi’ātMuhammad Ibn Sālih al-'Uthaymīn68 pgs.
65 The ResurrectionMuhammad Ibn Sālih al-'Uthaymīn116 pgs.
66 Explaining the Most Honorable Prayer for ForgivenessMuhammad Ibn Sālih al-'Uthaymīn7 pgs.
67 Explaining Faith: The Beliefs of a Muslim (for younger readers)Muhammad Ibn Sālih al-'Uthaymīn52 pgs.
68 The Best Prayer for Forgiveness (for younger readers)Muhammad Ibn Sālih al-'Uthaymīn7 pgs.
69 I Have Forbidden OppressionMuhammad Ibn Sālih al-'Uthaymīn5 pgs.
70 Explaining Sūrah al-TakwīrMuhammad Ibn Sālih al-'Uthaymīn45 pgs.
71 Explaining Sūrah al-InshiqāqMuhammad Ibn Sālih al-'Uthaymīn41 pgs.
72 The Day Your Lord ComesMuhammad Ibn Sālih al-'Uthaymīn31 pgs.
73 Women - The Greatest TemptationMuhammad Ibn Sālih al-'Uthaymīn13 pgs.
74 Life After DeathMuhammad Ibn Sālih al-'Uthaymīn70 pgs.
75 Explaining Sūrah al-InfitārMuhammad Ibn Sālih al-'Uthaymīn18 pgs.
76 Explaining Sūrah al-TakāthurMuhammad Ibn Sālih al-'Uthaymīn15 pgs.
77 The Tarāwīh PrayerMuhammad Ibn Sālih al-'Uthaymīn4 pgs.
78 Categories of Obedience to the LeadersMuhammad Ibn Sālih al-'Uthaymīn6 pgs.
79 Explaining Shirk: The Greatest SinMuhammad Ibn Sālih al-'Uthaymīn, Sālih al-Fawzān, Authentic-Translations.com25 pgs.
80 Islam is Moderate among ReligionsMuhammad Ibn Umar Bāzmūl5 pgs.
81 Warning against the Fitnah of TakfīrMuhammad Nāsir al-Dīn al-Albānī29 pgs.
82 The Great Debate of Ibn Abbās with the KhawārijMuhammad Nāsir al-Dīn al-Albānī9 pgs.
83 Descriptions of the KhawārijMuhammad Nāsir al-Dīn al-Albānī21 pgs.
84 The Believer and Disbeliever at the Time of DeathMuhammad Nāsir al-Dīn al-Albānī14 pgs.
85 The Nature of This LifeMuhammad Nāsir al-Dīn al-Albānī24 pgs.
86 From the Character of MuhammadMuhammad Nāsir al-Dīn al-Albānī5 pgs.
87 Are the Khawārij Those Who Only Revolt against a Just Ruler?Rabī' Ibn Hādī al-Madkhalī3 pgs.
88 Are the Khawārij Sincere in Worship?Rabī' Ibn Hādī al-Madkhalī2 pgs.
89 Is it Permissible to Kill the Khawārij?Rabī' Ibn Hādī al-Madkhalī1 pg.
90 Boycotting American ProductsSālih al-Fawzān1 pg.
91 Political Demonstrations and ProtestsSālih al-Fawzān1 pg.
92 Harming AmericansSālih al-Fawzān2 pgs.
93 Harming Muslim Security Officers and InvestigatorsSālih al-Fawzān1 pg.
94 Plane Hijackings and BombingsSālih al-Fawzān1 pg.
95 The Khawārij IdeologySālih al-Fawzān1 pg.
96 Praying for the Absolute Destruction of Non-MuslimsSālih al-Fawzān1 pg.
97 Suicide BombingsSālih al-Fawzān2 pgs.
98 Sālih al-Fawzān on Terrorism and Related IssuesSālih al-Fawzān14 pgs.
99 Are the Terrorists of Today Khawārij?Sālih al-Fawzān2 pgs.
100 Is it Betrayal to Turn Terrorists in to the Authorities?Sālih al-Fawzān2 pgs.
101 How Do We Deal with Those Who Try to Validate Terrorism?Sālih al-Fawzān1 pg.
102 Tracking Down Terrorists is One of the Greatest Forms of JihādSālih al-Fawzān3 pgs.
103 Is Rebelling Against a Ruler an Issue of Ijtihād?Sālih al-Fawzān3 pgs.
104 Those Who Commit Suicide in the Name of "Jihad" are Actually Followers of SatanSālih al-Fawzān4 pgs.
105 Political DemonstrationsSālih Āli-Shaykh2 pgs.
106 Praying for the Absolute Destruction of Jews and ChristiansSālih Āli-Shaykh3 pgs.
107 The Fitnah of the KhawārijSālih Āli-Shaykh25 pgs.
108 Harming Muslim InvestigatorsSālih al-Luhaydān2 pgs.
109 Political InsurgenciesSālih al-Luhaydān2 pgs.
110 Terrorism: Its Causes and CuresSālih al-Suhaymī20 pgs.
111 The Khawārij Methodology of Forbidding EvilSālih Ibn Ghusūn4 pgs.
112 Boycotting Products Manufactured by Non-MuslimsSaudi Arabia’s Permanent Council of Senior Scholars1 pg.
113 Saudi Arabia’s Permanent Council on Terrorism and Related IssuesSaudi Arabia’s Permanent Council of Senior Scholars21 pgs.
114 Saudi Arabia’s Permanent Council on TakfīrSaudi Arabia’s Permanent Council of Senior Scholars7 pgs.
115 Saudi Arabia’s Permanent Council on Terrorist CellsSaudi Arabia’s Permanent Council of Senior Scholars9 pgs.
116 Saudi Arabia’s Permanent Council on the 1995 Riyadh BombingsSaudi Arabia’s Permanent Council of Senior Scholars3 pgs.
117 Saudi Arabia’s Permanent Council on the 1996 Khobar BombingsSaudi Arabia’s Permanent Council of Senior Scholars3 pgs.
118 From the Attributes of the KhawārijSultān al-Īd11 pgs.
119 The Characteristics of Modern-Day Khawārij as Told by the Rulings of Modern-Day ScholarsVarious Scholars (Ibn Bāz, al-Albānī, Ibn al-Uthaymīn, al-Fawzān)23 pgs.
120 The Position of the Scholars Regarding Osama Bin LadenVarious Scholars (Ibn Bāz, Sh. Muqbil, Ahmad An-Najmī, Sālih Āli-Shaykh)11 pgs.