Muqbil Ibn Hādī al-Wādi'ī     مقبل بن هادي الوادعي   

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His Life:   Muqbil Ibn Hādī al-Wādi'ī was born in Wādi'ah near Damaj, Yemen. He died in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia when he was about seventy years old. His funeral prayer was held in Mecca and he was buried in the al-'Adl Cemetery near the graves of 'Abd al-'Azīz Ibn Bāz and Muḥammad Ibn Ṣāliḥ al-'Uthaymīn.

His Studies:   Muqbil Ibn Hādī studied in Saudi Arabia, earning degrees from the Islamic University in Madinah in the Faculty of Propagation and Religious Fundamentals as well as the Faculty of Sharia. He later joined a masters program in the sciences of Hadīth. He also attended some gatherings of Ibn Bāz and Muhammad Nāsir al-Dīn al-Albānī.

His Position(s):   After returning to Yemen, Muqbil Ibn Hādī began teaching there until hundreds of students from both Muslim and non-muslim countries would travel to learn from him. : الموقع العربي